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Arts and Cultural Project Advice, Development and Management

The Arts and Cultural sectors are awash with talented and creative people who help us map our personal and collective identities, record and communicate our stories and promote the value of engaging with life in the most unexpected and surprising ways.  They include individual creators, those who interpret the work of others and those who facilitate access to these special endeavours.

The key to success for any organisation, particularly those engaged in facilitating access to arts and cultural activities, is to utilise the inventive and problem-solving capacities of those individuals who have tapped into and refined their creative capabilities.  The best and most successful contemporary management training techniques, for example, utilise the creative capabilities of their participants to sharpen skills and to open their minds to possibilities that would otherwise remain unrecognised.

The key to creative solutions is to use creative thinking.

Cultural Consulting offers professional services covering all aspects of arts and cultural project development, particularly in the museum and gallery sector, that will provide an edge over your current resources, inject new strategic thinking into existing models and deliver outcomes beyond the usual.

Cultural Consulting can also construct programs to enable your organisation, irrespective of its core business, to sharpen the creative capabilities of your employees, to help balance the needs of risk-taking with those of maintaining tradition or to help create working environments that encourage creative thinking.