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English Language Translations, Corrections, Final Editing, Proofing and Publication

Anyone who has travelled to a country where English is not widely spoken can testify to the ingenuity and originality of the wrong word in the wrong place for the wrong reason.  It is one thing to make an observation but it is more difficult to recognize the important role that clear and concise English has in communicating the right message.  The remedy is to engage the services of a native speaker and thereby ensure that there is no “meaning gap” between the idea and the product.  This is particularly important in a service industry like hospitality.

Marketing literature is a type of conversation between the organisation and its clients or patrons.  When written language is ambiguous or, even worse, comical, the conversation can sound more like mumbling.  This is at best distracting and at worst confusing.  Most regrettably, it can create a negative first impression.

Most organisations that communicate to their clients in English want the excellence of their

services and facilities to be reflected in the standard of their marketing material and this requires that the English language they use across the entire spectrum of their literature is first rate.  In most cases, translations in non-English speaking environments is done by local translators whose English, whilst often of a high standard, can often miss the subtle variations of up to date conversational English.  In most cases the translation is clearly understandable – just not perfect.

Final editing is not about correcting “bad English” but rather involves converting direct translations into everyday language.  This can be done without changing the meaning of a document but rather ensuring that the meaning is suitable, appropriate and clear.  Changes from initial translations are often subtle, while the end-result of fine editing can be very pleasing.  This final touch requires the special attention of a native speaker.

Cultural Consulting can provide you with the full spectrum of translation services or simply provide that final touch that will give you an edge over your competitors and ensure that your marketing material matches the excellence of your core services.