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Financial Management Services in Arts and Cultural Environments

Managers of arts and cultural projects and organisations are usually dedicated professionals whose practices revolve around delivering outcomes to their audiences. It is rare to find such managers possessed with skills in accountancy. It is a common observation to discover misunderstanding, even antagonism, existing between artistic and financial managers in these environments. Artistic managers don’t need to become accountants to understand the critical interface between artistic and financial decision making but they do need to learn how to interpret financial information to preserve the viability of their core objectives.

Even the smallest organisation can avail themselves of the extraordinary range of computerised and online tools that have been developed to track and monitor their financial transactions. Whether you keep your own books or outsource these tasks, you need to be able to access and interpret financial information on a regular basis to ensure ultimate success. Often, this is about asking the right questions of your financial managers or advisers at the right time. For some, this will only require you to learn the basic language of the accountant. For a rare few, it could propel you into a world of numbers which, for some people who work in the arts, can provide you with an oasis of calm amidst the passions, struggles and uncertainties of artistic and cultural endeavour.

Cultural Consulting can tailor financial tools to suit your project or organisation. We can train you or your staff to keep your own books and monitor your financial health or train you to effectively use the services of outside experts.