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The Art of Positive Confrontation


Based on the book ‘Getting Paid and Loving it’ this short course will teach you how to master the fear of confrontation so that you can confidently get what you want.

Dr Rob Goodfellow


In all confrontational situations, both parties experience feelings of ‘fight or flight’. This course will teach you how to practice awareness of the other person’s feelings – so that you can control your own. It will show you how to get the other person to do what you want by practicing ‘The Art of Positive Confrontation’.

In this very practical course, Dr Rob Goodfellow will challenge the way you think about confrontation at all levels and for every purpose.  Importantly, the course content can be tailored to suit any learning situation – from a seminar to a tutorial to an executive program – even an ‘after dinner’ or business breakfast presentation.


Dr Rob Goodfellow PhD is a Principal Consultant with the international firm Cultural Consulting. He is an Australian-based author, journalist, researcher and academic.


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